1:AM gallery and Brian Goggin were proud to present Operation Restore Defenestration, a month long celebration of Defenestration building’s 13th anniversary as well as the next era of the project’s existence. Operation Restore Defenestration was an event raising funds to repair and improve the artwork, making the building once again beautiful by day and vibrant by night.  The exhibition included restoration work in progress and artwork for sale with proceeds from the event going towards the project.

Defenestration, a unique San Francisco art landmark by Goggin and his team of collaborators, was originally expected to be up for only a year; it has now weathered the elements for nearly thirteen. The building is a four story building with anthropomorphic furniture diving out of windows and scurrying on its walls. Locals and visitors alike continue to flock to this playful installation.  Although the piece is deeply loved by the community, it has fallen into unfortunate disrepair.

If you have any purchasing inquiries or would like to request media related material, please email maya@1AMSF.com.