The Classics = a defining art exhibit featuring works by the true Bay Area graffiti art pioneers.  Curator Nate1, owner of New Skool clothing line and an expert on all things graffiti, has brought together the artists that put San Francisco on the graffiti map.  They are the ones that defined Bay Area style and still heavily influence art, media, and businesses to this day.  Original and vintage art by Bay Area legends that led the Golden Age of Graffiti.  The artists include: Crayone, Estria, Vogue, Bam, Nate1, Spie, Twick, Dizney and many more.  And as a special feature, Jim Prigoff, photographer for Spray Can  Art (which has sold more than 200,000 copies to date!), Graffiti LA, Graffiti NY and more, will be sharing his vast photography collection that captured the beginnings of graffiti in the Bay Area.

The purpose of the show is to share the contributions these pioneers have made to spread the culture of graffiti here on the West Coast.  It is to educate street art lovers and collectors about the people and the time period that progressed this artistic craft to its’ popularity today.

“I was lucky enough to grow up in San Francisco and see the birth of Bay Area Graffiti Art.  In the early 80’s small hints of the art form migrated here from the East Coast, writers started experimenting, getting up and teenagers made history. Fast-forward 27 years later and the culture continues. Let’s bring it back to the beginning with The Classics and teach the truth.” – Nate1

And now, it’s time to get back to The Classics…

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