Why is the 1AM Mobile app important?

The 1AM Mobile app is important for historically archiving the street art movement and creating a community of street art enthusiasts that will answer the question that we encounter countless times a day at 1AM.  “Where is the mural done by (insert artist name here) that looks like (insert long description here)?”  As a frequent traveler myself, I asked that same question and I wished there was an answer, so we created 1AM Mobile.

Can I upload a picture to 1AM Mobile from my phone, or computer that wasn’t taken through the app?

Yes, you can upload pictures that aren’t taken through the app as long as they are geotagged.  Photos taken from your iPhone’s native camera app are geotagged as long as you have Location Services enabled for the Camera.

To see if you have Location Services enabled, go to your iPhone’s Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services and make sure it is ON for the Camera.

What should be uploaded?

Artwork that is visible from the street and FREE to see.  (stickers, tags, architecture, blackbook pages, and your favorite art piece in your bedroom aren’t what this app is for). We are wary of allowing illegal work up as anyone with an iPhone can use this app, including the authorities.

Where can I use the app?

You can use the app anywhere in the world as long as you have an active internet connection.

How can I share what I’ve been doing on the 1AM Mobile app?

Right now, you can share through Facebook, Twitter, Email, and SMS.  You can also simply copy a link and share it through other means.  Many more sharing features to come!

What if I go to a location and it has already been photographed?

We encourage you to photograph it again.  The most recent shot will be the one that represents the location and gives the most accurate depiction of what is currently there.  The previous photos still remain part of the location’s set of viewable photos.

What if I see something on the app that is not appropriate?

If something is inappropriate, you can press the More(…) button and select “Flag Content for Review” to notify our team of 1AM moderators.

Why are hashtags in “Comments” important in the 1AM Mobile app and how do I hashtag a photo?

Hashtags are a way for our users to identify artists, events, or locations on the app. Our hashtags are combined with our comments system! Simply prefix your hashtag with the ‘#’ key and it will be automatically detected.

If you want to add the hashtag “streetart”, simply add a comment during the upload process saying #streetart, or add a hashtag when viewing an existing photo by clicking the “(+) Comment” button and enter #streetart there.

Where can I find the latest news about the mobile app?

For the latest updates about the app, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @ 1AMSF.